Dr. 帕特里克•汤普金斯
Dr. 帕特里克•汤普金斯

欢迎来到在线赌博推荐 -康科德社区学院!

Since 1965, 在线赌博推荐 has provided our students with incredible value:

  • 优秀的教师,小班授课: Our faculty are experts in their fields and expert educators. With our small class sizes, you will get the personal education you need to thrive.
  • 灵活的时间表: 你可以上日间、夜间或在线课程.
  • 快速完成: You don’t have time to waste to get the education that will take you to the next level. We have workforce credentials and academic programs that can be completed in a day, 几个星期, 一个学期, 再过一两年,按你的节奏成长吧.
  • 爱: 在线赌博推荐的激励价值观是爱——爱你, 热爱在线赌博推荐的专业, 爱在线赌博推荐的大学, 以及对在线赌博推荐社区的爱.

Here are key points that distinguish 在线赌博推荐 from other colleges:

  • 质量: Our graduates are hired by employers because of our excellent programs. 支持服务,如建议, 辅导, 和残疾 services mean you don’t have to do it all by yourself. 看看在线赌博推荐的 受过教育的人的哲学陈述 看看在线赌博推荐如何把学习者培养成不仅仅是工人, 也包括公民, 家庭成员, 以及民主社会中的终身学习者.
  • 签名的程序: 口腔卫生, 律师助理, 放射治疗, 体育管理, and Mindfulness are just some of the unique programs at 在线赌博推荐, 以及商业等更常见的项目, 文科, 和护理. Our Business Training Centers offers customized training, 专业发展, 还有徽章和小额证书项目.
  • 真正的大学校园: Enjoy our beautiful 250-acre campus along the Merrimack River with student residence halls, 健康中心, 健身房, 礼堂, 食堂, 和小酒馆.
  • 学生生活: You can root for our Lynx teams in 13 women’s and men’s sports including baseball, 排球, 篮球, 甚至是电子竞技. Make friends and build your resume in our Student Senate, 《在线赌博推荐》文学杂志, 和退伍军人俱乐部, PTK荣誉协会, 文化交流, 基督教学生组织, ”+联盟, 戏剧, 和音乐. 的se groups host multiple 活动 almost every week.

在线赌博推荐在线赌博推荐所有人都喜欢的东西. Please let us know how we can connect your dreams with your future.

And if you want to contact me, stop by 100 Little Hall, email (电子邮件保护),或致电603-271-6484 X4167.

在线赌博推荐 is a member of the 社区 College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) and since 1969 has been accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education, 一个非政府, 国家认可的认证机构. 


Dr. 帕特里克•汤普金斯

Dr. 帕特里克•汤普金斯, 总统

Dr. 丽贝卡·迪安, Ed.D., 负责学生成功的副总裁 

Dr. 赫克托耳Iweka, Ph.D., 在线赌博推荐和劳动力教育副总裁

玛莎布尔顿, 业务运作主任


斯蒂·哈特, 人力资源主任

伊丽莎白·劳顿, 总裁的行政助理

Acknowledging that students will not only be workers 也包括公民, 家庭成员, 消费者, 以及民主社会中的终身学习者, 在线赌博推荐 -康科德社区学院整合在线赌博推荐, 技术, 经验, 以工作为基础的学习. 的se are grounded in a general education core to prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills for successful eng年龄ment in their communities, 工作场所, and all of their life roles and educational and career endeavors. 的refore, we commit ourselves to educating graduates to be:

  • Knowledgeable of human 文化s and the 物理 and natural world. Graduates evaluate the effects of historical trends and events on institutions and social systems and demonstrate respect for and understanding of diverse ideas and modes of expression as conveyed through the humanities.
  • 思考者、问题解决者和创新者. Graduates evaluate and apply information rationally and consistently to guide decision-making. 的y apply critical and 创造性思维 skills to the analysis of problems; demonstrate scientific thought, 数量上和质量上都有, by evaluating human and 技术 problems; generate ideas by consolidating knowledge; and reflect critically on their learning.
  • 合作者. 毕业生表现出文化能力, 有效地在团队中工作, and can negotiate and man年龄 conflict; they demonstrate constructive eng年龄ment with diverse populations and viewpoints; and they exhibit empathy in their work with others and demonstrate the ability to motivate and/or follow others.
  • 传播者. Graduates are active 听ers and respond constructively; they read, 写, 说话, 听, and present on a level that facilitates eng年龄ment with others.
  • 有原则有道德的公民. 毕业生理性, ethical decisions and learn from mistakes; they demonstrate the values of integrity, 责任, 毅力, 以及对歧义的容忍.
  • 事业预备专业人士. Graduates organize and prioritize their work; they translate acquired knowledge and skills to real-world applications, are competent in the use of technology and mathematical/numerical operations, and actively develop strategies for continuous improvement in the areas of time man年龄ment, 文档, 自我评价, 民族自决, 以及个人和职业发展. 的se outcomes are given in numerical reference for improved tracking; numerical values do not establish hierarchal emphasis. 每个结果都同样重要.

多样性是在线赌博推荐的核心价值. Our commitment to diversity enriches everyone by exposing us to a range of ways to understand and eng年龄 with the world, 开发方面, 识别的挑战, 然后去发现, 定义和交付解决方案. 在线赌博推荐 actively works to eliminate barriers created by systemic discrimination. 多样性包括种族, 种族, 文化, 宗教, 语言, 社会经济地位, 公民身份, 国家的起源, 性别, 性取向, 年龄, 和残疾.



在线赌博推荐 creates a caring 文化 and fosters innovative teaching and learning, 支持经济流动性, and meets the needs of a diverse community by growing and strengthening partnerships with 企业 and education.


在线赌博推荐为学生服务, 企业, and the community by building academically excellent pathways towards sustainable careers, 社区参与, 以及社会责任.


We foster 知识 curiosity and the application of knowledge to promote critical, 创造性思维.


在线赌博推荐培养一种接受的环境, 善良, and collegiality create a valuable exchange of ideas cultivating diversity, 股本, 和包容.


在线赌博推荐彼此合作, 企业, 和社区组织发展原则, 道德的公民.


We commit to individual and institutional 责任 in the stewardship of our human, 知识, 物理,


We support the development and pursuit of new ideas to thrive in an ever-changing world.



CCSNH does not discriminate in the administration of its admissions and educational programs, 活动, 或者基于种族的雇佣行为, 信条, color, 宗教, 血统或国籍, 年龄, 性, 性取向, 性别认同与表达, 身体或精神残疾, 遗传信息, 或者执法部门, 军事, 经验丰富的, 或者婚姻状况. This statement is a reflection of the mission of CCSNH and refers to, 但不限于, 下列法律的规定:

  • 1964年民权法案第六章和第七章,
  • 1967年《在线赌博推荐》
  • 1972年教育修正案第九条
  • 1973年康复法案第504条
  • 1990年美国残疾人法案(ADA)
  • 越战老兵法案第402条
  • 反歧视法(RSA 354-A)
  • NH法律RSA 188-F:3-a
  • 2008年遗传信息非歧视法案

Inquiries regarding discrimination may be directed to:

莎拉一. 索耶
康科德,NH 03301


康科德,NH 03301

617-565-3200, 1-800-669-4000,传真:617-565-3196
TTY: 617-565-3204或1-800-669-6820


在线赌博推荐 is a member of the 社区 College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH). Here is a list of contacts if you have additional questions regarding our involvement: